Project Description

iMonitor is an independent and easy-to-use dashboard for the music industry professionals to monitor music usage across television, radio, online streaming and venues. iMonitor provides music usage reports 24/7 across broadcast services.

iMonitor tracks and reports on any fingerprinted audio content played across any broadcast or streaming platform and provides the metadata that enables reporting for rights distribution, market intelligence or performance and usage tracking. It helps music industry stakeholders (artists, managers, record labels, broadcasters, promoters etc..) make smarter and faster music business decisions by providing reliable data, beautiful visuals, and in-depth insights.

iMonitor breaks new ground in the industry through:

  • Aggregating different data sets such as radio and tv airplay, streaming platform statistics, and social media data in one place
  • The largest tracking and monitoring of local radio and television stations in the region
  • Developing and providing data feeds that are based on more variables than currently available, such as audio analysis, social media statistics and broadcast data
  • Monitoring of music from live venues and well as providing granular analysis by region
  • Providing an affordable source of music intelligence that is accessible from the individual artist to a major record label




Value Added Services